• Computational Nanophotonics: Basics, Challenges and Future Perspectives

    题目:Computational Nanophotonics: Basics, Challenges and Future Perspectives


    地点:Link: https://meeting.tencent.com/dm/Evp2vGtjPPSJ Meeting ID: 195-539-397

    The talk will focus on plasmonics modeling issues and the failure of the classical electromagnetic solvers to accurately characterize the nano-plasmonic devices. Therefore, new accurate and stable beam propagation method will be introduced for analyzing plasmonics in the classical regime. The rigor of this approach is mainly because of relying on the finite elements method and the twice faster Blocked Schur algorithm which can exactly represent all the wide spectrum of radiation, evanescent, and surface modes produced by the strong discontinuity between metal and its surroundings. Moreover, in merging quantum plasmonic devices, it becomes essential to introduce “Quantum Corrected Model (QCM)” in order to accurately model these devices, and the basics of QCM will be also discussed.详情>>

  • 《Light: Science & Applications》培育中国原创成果 | 卓越计划高起点新刊《eLight》: 面向光学新兴交叉学科

    题目:《Light: Science & Applications》培育中国原创成果 | 卓越计划高起点新刊《eLight》: 面向光学新兴交叉学科



    《Light: Science & Applications》培育中国原创成果
    报告主要通过《Light: Science & Applications》历史简介、培育中国原创成果、《Light: Science & Applications》投稿须知三个方向介绍卓越计划领军期刊、国际顶尖光学期刊《Light: Science & Applications》。


  • 光纤传感及其应用研究




    Optical fiber-based devices have been widely deployed in recent years. There are many advantages of using fiber as a sensor. These include electrically-passive operation, light weight, immunity to radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference, high sensitivity, compact size, corrosion resistance, easily multiplexing and potentially low cost. Several novel fiber-based sensors and technologies developed are presented here, including fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based sensors, photonic crystal fiber (PCF) based sensors, specialty fiber-based sensors and distributed fiber sensing systems. FBGs as instinctive sensors, are ingeniously de- signed as two-dimensional (2D)tilt sensors, displacement sensors, accelerometers and corrosion sensors here; PCF based evanescent field absorption sensor, PCF induced Mach-Zehnder interferometer and Fabry-Perot refractometer for temperature and refractive index sensing are presented; based on localized surface Plasmon resonant(LSPR) effect, nano-sized fiber tip with gold nanoparticles are demonstrated for live cell index bio-sensing applications.详情>>

  • 低损空芯光纤的若干应用




    微结构空芯光纤研究,近年来在理论与制备工艺研究中取得了重要突破,其最低传输损耗已经成功降至1 dB/km以下,接近传统石英单模光纤瑞利散射损耗极限。与传统折射率导引型光纤相比,低损空芯光纤具有更低的材料吸收损耗、光纤色散、光学非线性、热延迟系数和更高的激光损伤阈值功率,在大容量光通信、大功率激光能量传输、非线性光学和新体制光纤传感领域将发挥独特的作用。详情>>